Concert Review Andrea Bocelli An American Dream

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Concert Review: Andrea Bocelli: An American Dream Andrea Bocelli is renowned for his opera performance since he captivates the audience with his charming ways. However, the CD I have watched is not only a showcase of Bocelli’s vocal range but also a historical milestone in remembrance of the migration of Italian immigrants to America. Before he performed, footages of his tour in the Statue of Liberty plus documentary clips from the first Italian immigrants sent goose bumps as one recognizes the symbol of America to many people from Europe. The concert was exhilarating since the backdrop was Manhattan’s skyline with its changing hues as it nears sunset. The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra members were all professionally donned in tuxedo and gowns which made a formal ambiance. As the visually challenged Bocelli sang O Sole Mio, spirits lifted as violins provided the accompaniment to the refrain. The harp, violin, cello , as well as the blending of the voice from the choir made non-opera lovers appreciate the beauty of open-air opera. Bocelli sang with all his heart and created a spirit that is uplifting, fresh, and vibrant. The duet with Ana Maria Martinez was also a success as they belted out powerful notes of the song O Suave Fanciulla from La Boheme. Her beauty and clarity of voice complemented Bocelli’s range as well as the dynamic melody of the song. The Brindisi of La Traviata is impossible to not appreciate as the song evoked a myriad of emotions from the audience. Indeed, opera can move one’s heart and make you shed tears as you deeply reach in the recess of your memories and correlate it with the music.
CD: Best World Instrumental Hits Vol.2, 2000
Gold Instrumental Collection
Selection 1, CD 2 Storm Vanessa Mae
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons tops my list of classical music. Although some would prefer classical music that is slow, I prefer something that projects variety which makes Four Seasons popular. The Four Seasons is classified as Baroque music and has been interpreted in many forms by different performers such as Vanessa Mae. Vanessa Mae makes the violin scream and cry as she drains the life out of the instrument that interprets the beauty of the Four Seasons in her own interpretation. Vanessa Mae’s Storm pays its respect to Vivaldi and vividly interprets the four violin concertos that represent the seasons. The beginning of the music immediately captures one attention as the music softly introduces the beauty of the composition. Later the staccato notes from high strings that denote Winter makes the listener pay attention to the beat of the music . From that point, it is a joyful journey that calms yet brings to life the classical influence of Vivaldi. It is almost a rock music if not for Vivaldi’s signature in the different staccato found in every season being interpreted. It seems that listening to this music while walking in the woods on a sunny morning makes one feel very young and hopeful. I use the music to help me clear my thoughts so I can produce creative ideas. It is like a shot in the arm but it assaults the auditory senses in a pleasant way. Perhaps, more people would appreciate Vivaldi if they can listen to this CD since it enhances the beauty of classical music.