Concert Report

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The other show was from an Encentrics band that was performed in Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. The classical type of music is an art of music with its origins dated back to the 1700. Its roots are based in the West and since its establishment has had a variety of performances. This type of music also ranges from secular to liturgical. Symphony is a genre of music that employees a length form of musical composition to be performed. They are related to the classical type of music since they were discovered in the same era. These types of music got their boost during the 19th century which according to scholars is known as the romantic period. The music would be played in weddings and other romantic situations. Classical music is subjected to various characteristics which I found out after attending the classical music concert. The music has gone through a lot of improvements due to the different in time since when it was established to date which adds up to more than five hundred years. This has led to its broad variety, genres and forms of music. Before attending the music concerts, some of my friends had talked about classical music claiming it was ‘any type of music that lasts for a long time’. Other friends also talked about music where all types of musical instruments were used’. I did not believe at first until I attended the show. The show took an average of two hours. The classical team may have lasted more than one hour playing one song, an art that was done to perfection. Instruments in the orchestra included violins, pianos and bands. Another characteristic of the classical type of music is the type of literature that was used during the concert. The music or songs had been written as musical notations which lead to the creation of a score. In the concert’s case, the score determined the type f pitch and rhythm to be used in the song. It also contributed to the type of coordination from the performers. Another distinct characteristic is the type of instrumentation used to produce classical music. The band used a range of musical instruments date back to the 19th century. The concert band used instruments ranging from the piano, violin, guitar, bagpipes and trumpets. However, the most noticeable instrument was the acoustic guitar has been used since the 20th century. The wide range of instruments through the band provided soft cool music. They all worked together in harmony to provide the required pitches and tonal variations. The band was also dressed based on dressings from the 18th century. The music had not changed much as compared to other types of music. The type of notes, pitches and tonal variation had not change much as I could tell from my musical classes. I could also tell from the audience that this type of music is loved by the older generation. This is because the music is soothing and does not have a lot of variation in tones and pitches which may lead to noise (Morin 10). The form of music also differentiated the classical type of music from other genres which came up in the renaissance era. I could tell that this type of genre has sophisticated type of musical instruments. They include the sonata, opera, and concerto among others. In my case, it was a concerto. The classical composers seemed to have a close connection with their instruments. The close relationship brought up an emotional feeling. This later proved the fact that this type of musical genre was used to in romantic situations. The musical is