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s the name &quotSIMON RATTLE CONDUCTS STRAUSS AND BEETHOVEN&quot on the website called )”Concert ReportThis assignment is worth 25% of your grade.Step 1: Due to the interruption of this course with COVID-19, you will now be required to review a live concert by selecting a LIVE Classical Music DVD concert or Live stream Classical Music concert.This does *NOT* include using Youtube(please don’t try it as I shall track it down and a failing grade will be awarded). With the Arts going live stream all over the world, there are more free and appropriate selections than ever before.As written in the syllabus, you*must*ask for permission before viewing a suitable Live Classical DVD concert or Live stream Classical Music concert.Please send me the direct website link to any DVD live Classical music concert or Live stream Classical Music concert you wish to purchase or view onlineby Tuesday April 7, 2020If you do not submit a request byTuesday April 7, 2020, an automatic 10% deduction will be taken off the grade for the assignment.This assignment is for a Classical concert. No musicals. No famous rock artists singing with a symphony orchestra. And no Andrew Lloyd Weber or Andre Rieu.The due date for this assignment is the same day as the Final Exam (Friday May 15, 2020), as outlined in the syllabus. You may submit a draft any time before Sunday, May 10, 2020.Step 2:You are to write at least a 1500 word report giving a review of the concert you attended.Your review must include the following: What kind of listener were you at the concert? Why? What pieces were performed? What was the style of each of the pieces performed? What was the instrumentation of the orchestra? Draw out the seating arrangement of the instruments in the orchestra.Analyze ALL pieces played during the concert using the following criteria from the course: Unity and Variety Structure of the Music Purpose of the Music Tempo Volume Rhythm Melody Harmony Form Historical PeriodDid you enjoy the concert? Why or why not?You want to let the reader know who played, where it was played, when it was played and what was played. You also need to demonstrate proper usage of appropriate terms and their proper meaning in context.12/05/202027