Concepts and Challenges of the National and International Communication Planning Process in Marketing Agencies

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Marketing communication, also known as ‘Marcom,’ is an essential part of marketing which enables the marketers to communicate effectively with its target market using related media such as the integrated fields of advertising, brand communication, direct / database marketing, graphic design, packaging, promotion, public relations, publicity, social marketing, sponsorship, sales promotion, online marketing or e-communication. In the absence of a strategic national and international communication planning process, it would be too difficult for marketing agencies to effectively deliver a good marketing communication to the current and potential stakeholders and the general public.For the purpose of this study, the researcher will discuss the basic concepts and challenges of the national and international communication planning process. In line with the challenges in each scenario, the researcher will highlight some recommendations to enable the marketing agencies to successfully maintain an effective national and international communication.necessary to know more about the five major modes in marketing communication mix, also known as promotional tools, being classified as advertising, sales promotion, public relations and publicity, personal selling, and direct marketing.Advertising is basically any paid form of promotional activities like print and broadcast ads, motion pictures, brochures and booklets, posters and leaflets, billboards, videotapes, etc. This form of marketing communication is designed to capture a wider range of potential buyers as viewers of advertisements. In choosing the best advertisement for a company, it is essential to consider the budget allocated for this type of marketing communication. Large companies such as Coca-cola and Nestle would prefer to invest in television advertisements because it could provide the company the opportunity to use artistic video, sound, and color to attract the attention of the consumers. On the other hand, small scale businesses with limited budgets may prefer to invest in newspaper advertisements.