Computer Supplies for Estate Agents Firm

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There is 7 personnel to provide their needs which mean 7 computers (desktops and notebooks) will be provided and added to it is a web server for the firm’s database and website facilities. With the given budget of £30,000.00, our company provides you with the following options below based on your requirements. Note that all prices are VAT inclusive. Since the Managing Director and the 3 Administrative Staff shares some similar tasks in the firm, the same Desktop PC units’ specification can be applied for both. As provided below, our company provides you with two options to choose from. Both works properly and meets the firm’s needs but the preferable packages is option B since it is not only cheaper but the speed is higher and the capacity of hard disk space is bigger compared to package A.For the sales agents, laptops provide them portable and handy officemate which they can use to load up their photos.As required, sales agents come with handy digital cameras with them whenever they go out and take photos and details of houses for sales.As agreed by the firm to provide a web server for web and data storage, below is the reliable web server package that can be considered. A printer is an important tool in every office in providing print-out reports, documents, forms, and images. Below is the suggested model and unit for a colored printer required by the firm. It is not just a printer, but All-in-One Inkjet Printer which can serve as Copier, Fax Machine, Printer, and Scanner. Even other features are not required but it is sometimes needed like scanning documents and a copier for providing a digital copy of a document. The office needs some software like word and spreadsheet processing, photo editing, website maintenance tools, database, etc. All PC are preinstalled with windows based operating systems. This means that all software required for some specific use must be compatible with windows operations system. Macromedia Dreamweaver and Fireworks – This tool is for web editing and management. It will be installed to one of the administrative staff PC who has experience as webmaster. (Unite price – £ 704.99)Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 – All PC and laptops need this tool for basic document processing, 7 licenses should be purchased. This includes Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact Manager. (Price: 7 x £ 361.89 = £ 2,533.23)With the options provided, the estimated cost would be around £ 10,000 to £ 12,000.00 inclusive of other charges like delivery charge, etc.