Computer Based Training (CBT)

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Computer Based Training Affiliation Computer Based Training It is true that there is no one training method that will fit any particular employee. Nevertheless, the improvement and advancement in technology has made it easier for companies to choose computer based training over other training methods. It is expected that, in this current times, every employee should be technologically knowledgeable. Managing of knowledge in the company is one of the vital aspects that is currently been regarded as a fundamental asset. Hence, by choosing computer based training, managers and many executives are implementing a method to manage knowledge and how it is shared in the company. Many of them are utilising computer based training. Why is this so? According to Business amp. Legal Minds, Incorporation (2005), human interaction remains an intricate part of workplace training. Nevertheless, computer based training avails the technological solution to traditional types of training. It is said to improve these traditional types of training. Computer based training varies from text-only programs to using CD-ROM, and to virtual reality programs. Companies and organizations are using this type of training because it can be customized according to the needs of the individual employee. It is also avails the employees with a choice. That is. they learn, when, how, and where they want. To many companies, it is cost-effective as many employees can use a single equipment. They also allow employees to learn at their convenience. The interactive mode of some programs makes it an interesting training program for employees. Most importantly, the employee progress can be tracked. Some of the programs have post-exams that permit companies to know if the employee has comprehended the training. The score avails a good parameter for the trainer to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program. Hence, companies are choosing computer based training over other training methods due to the advantages it is availing along with its association with the modern world where society is becoming more and more technologically advanced (Business amp. Legal Reports, Inc., 2005).ReferencesBusiness amp. Legal Reports, Inc. (2005). Building The Best Training Program: Your One-Stop Learning Resource. Danvers: Business amp. Legal Reports, Inc.