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While this is an exciting movement forward, Gross is still not working with the government directly, and few radical changes have been made and comprehensive services across the country have yet to come into practice.
Proponents of SLCN services reform advocate for the development of a continuum of services that would allow children ages 0-19 uniform access to service they require in order to assist them with their language and communicative struggles. Individual health and childrens services often differ greatly from one organization to another, which can frustrate parents and hinder the development of children. Advocates of SLCN reform are fighting for governmental revision of many amendments and regulations, a motion that would greatly improve the completion and distribution of services.
The Bercow report also addresses poor access to SLCN services. Advocates maintain their position that a shift is necessary: the Department for Children, Schools, and Families should begin work with local and central government to provide services to all children who require them. They suggest that updates, the monitoring and publishing of performance evaluations, and SLCN-specific national indicators should all be implemented in order to measure and assist the distribution of SLCN