Competence Assessment of Tenet Health Center

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In light of the sensitivity that faces the healthcare sector in the US, the performance of Tenet Healthcare Corporation can be termed as a milestone as illustrated by the many challenges that the corporation has had to bear. On one side, the healthcare policy holds a central position in American politics and public opinion and affects the industry in various ways. Alternatively, the ever-increasing demand healthcare services in the US as well as in the global arena make the successes and the capacity to rise against the odds in the industry an important yardstick for quality amid difficulties.
Managing abundance successfully facilitates reorganization to overcome inadequacies for a huge corporation such as Tenet Healthcare, which in 2011 had a total of about 13,500 licensed beds. The figures of the beds can be projected to rise through 2012 due to the spirited efforts at the corporation to expand current capacity and extend services across the country. During the same period, a total of 11 states were covered by the consortium through its subsidiaries distributed widely across the country. Distribution of the facilities and hospitals also cuts across urban and suburban areas, making healthcare services accessible to more people than it would otherwise be possible at the current American need for healthcare. At this capacity and coverage, the corporation has been able to make milestone contributions in its growth based on certain factors.
One of the internal strengths of the corporation is its ability to handle employees’ welfare needs from a vantage perspective so as to build motivation and encourage commitment at& As mentioned above, the healthcare industry has high work pressure and keeping the employees focused and motivated in their work is an important contribution at Tenet. According to DDI (n.d), increasing employee retention by improving relations with the employer has contributed to reduced labor turnover, increased employee satisfaction as well as reduced cost-per-hire. This was achieved after the establishment of a partnership with DDI to introduce the Tenet Leaders development forum that enhanced human resource management and incidental issues.&nbsp.