Comparison of Poem Annabel Lee to my poem New Beginnings

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The most prominent example could be read in all stanzas, with the constant repetition of the name Annabel Lee. It is also a ballad because it gives the subject of the author a mystical air, with the mention of words such as angels, demons and heaven. The tone of the poem Annabel Lee expresses a variety of powerful emotions, usually deep and dark. One can feel and sense a strong degree of grief, melancholy and hopelessness written throughout the poem. An illustration of such can be seen in the 5th and 6th line of the 4th stanza, which reads: That the wind came out of the cloud by night, Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee. The author conveyed words which are charged with all these powerful feelings so that it can have a sort of emphatic effect upon the reader, and also that the reader may emotionally understand and connect with the author. The poem’s diction is very intense and deep. It uses numerous words that reveal the author’s depth of thought and feelings. By using these words, the author then makes use of them in varied figures of speech like that of metaphors. The expression of each word came out with much strength of delivery that it provokes the imagination of the reader to see what it is that the author is expressing through his written words. With regard to the syntax of the poem Annabel Lee, the author shifted from the normal English syntax in favor of a more poetic syntax. The use of poetic syntax helps increase the expression of emotional, psychological and spiritual impact to the reader. The poem Annabel Lee has the tendency to leave a thought or feeling briefly in a line, providing a pause, as to give it a sense of melodrama. This is how most of the lines go about throughout the poem, which gives the poem an ethereal aura. As for the rhyme scheme in Annabel Lee, much use of rhyming has been made to give it a lyrical effect, and this would make the work different from that of a prose. Such lyrical effect would make this poem a ballad. The constant repetition of the name Annabel Lee serves a purpose, which is to make emphasis on the subject of the poem, as well as to emphasize the other words that can rhyme with it. Every stanza in the poem has words in the end of each line that rhymes with the line after the one that precedes it. As for the meter characteristic of the poem Annabel Lee, the poem has a structure, of which the first and second stanzas have six lines, the third stanza having eight lines, the fourth stanza having six lines as well, and the seventh and eight stanzas having seven lines. Edgar Allen Poe used a mix of anapestic and iambic meters. Anapestic meter meanstwo unstressed syllables followed by a stressed syllable, which makes the words seem as if they have a fast paced movement, while iambic meter means two syllables which are composed of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable, which is usually the usual pacing of a person doing a casual conversation. The use of such meter characteristics gives the poem a sense of story-like movement and pacing, as much as it gives it a sort of life of its own. The poem New Beginnings has certain similarities to that of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee. While it seems simple in language and makes use of the more contemporary casual English language, a reflection of the Romantic style is visible, through the use of words that invoke deep and intense emotions. Also, there are some interesting distinctions