Comparison between Two Sisters

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This paper illustrates that two years back the author’s cousin, Kate invited him over to California during the summers to spend the vacations with her family, and the researcher had readily accepted the invitation. Kate had married Sam, African America Doctor. It was the first time the author was going to meet Kate’s two daughters, Kate used to talk about them all the time. The older one, Anna was twelve years old and the younger one Sally was ten years old during the summers last year. If the researcher was to describe them physically then Anna was very much like Kate, she had her flawlessly pink complexion, beautiful hazel eyes, and dark brown shoulder length hair that were delightfully curly. She had a fairly good height for her age too. Sally, on the other hand, had straight black hair that came down to her waist. she had her father’s dark skin, big round eyes that were black in color. Sally was slightly chubby adding to that was her average height. Both sisters were vastly different. The difference between the two was not just in their physical appearances but also in their personalities. As one would expect, Anna was more outgoing, vocal about her views, desires, and preferences, she had quite a huge circle of friends too. Sally, on the other hand, was very quiet, she was shy and usually avoided meeting people, and she had only one friend at school – Jane. Sally did not even talk much to her parents or to Anna. She liked to stay alone in her room, usually reading story books. The moment the researcher met the two of them he could not help but notice how lovely Anna was and what a beauty she was growing into. However, the innocence on Sally’s face was so attractive that the author automatically wanted to strike a conversation with her, it was only later that he realized how difficult a task that was.