Comparison and contrast

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This is due to various reasons to be covered later in the paper.In this paper, we shall compare and contrast variations between the Twilight book by Stephanie Meyer and the twilight movie. The twilight saga is a series of young fantasy of a young girl who falls in love with a vampire. It was in 2005 that Stephanie Meyers published the twilight saga as the first part of the series in hardcopy. It was among the many nominations as the best selling book in the States. Later director Catherine Hardwicke adapted a film from the novel Twilight and released it on November 8, 2008 (Baptiste 10).The young seventeen year old girl, Bella Swan falls in love with a handsome young vampire, Edward Cullen. Their relationship is faced by many challenges due to the fact that Bella is human and Edward is a vampire. Edward has to fight off the urge to hurt Bells due to the blood scent (Meyer 42). There also exists a feud between the vampires and the wolves. In the wolf territory a young and handsome man falls in love with Bella too. But their love scene is dwelled more in the next series which is the new moon. In this first series, Bella finds out that she is in trouble from a vampire tracker, James. She attends a vampire baseball game and from that time James hunts for her blood. The vampire family attempt to save Bella from James, but finally he catches her. Later on they save her and kill James. Edward then promises to love her and take care of her as long they are together. It is a romantic young love story basically but with fiction about vampires. This is the saga we are going to analyze the comparison of plot development of the book and the movie.Some reasons why the movies may be disappointed would be due to various reasons. There could be changes, omissions, additions and many more. In the Twilight movie a lot of things do not match along with the book. In most movies this is done to give the movie the proper length. This is especially the omissions of