Comparison And Contrast The Potato Eaters And The Starry Night

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Coming to the people in the painting, all of them look cadaverous and it seems like they are itching to have a meal. The pillar behind the women with the coffee mug appears to support the whole building. The picture actually depicts the life of the peasants who work hard to earn their meal. Van Gogh wants to portray that the hands used to take the potatoes from the plate are the ones that are used to dig it from the ground. The Starry Night shows a night sky accompanied by whirling clouds and gleaming stars. There is a small town in the bottom of the picture and a huge dark structure to the left. The huge dark structure looks like thick black smoke emanating from some part of the town. Some may call it to be a tree. Only this section of the painting looks heavily dark. Rest of the painting looks extremely bright, thanks to the sparkling stars. The whirling cloud resembles the photograph of a star taken by the Hubble spacecraft a few years ago. The brush strokes used in The Potato Eaters are not visible even in the shaded portions of the wall whereas the brush strokes are clearly visible in The Starry Night. The Starry Night has the nature providing light whereas in The Potato Eaters it’s an old oil lamp that lights the room. Though the light from the lamp is dim, it makes the room more attractive than the starry sky lit town. The eleven stars in the sky give a religious touch to the painting. The colorful sky catches the viewer’s attention. Indeed it gives a rich look to the town.&nbsp.