Comparison and contrast essay

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Please choose two short stories from the list below, and ask yourself the followingquestions about them: (1) how is story A thesameas story B? (2) How is story Adifferentthan story B? After answering the above questions as part of the prewriting process,develop a thesis statement. Then, explain at leastone similarityandone differencebetweenthe two stories. Please focus on the majorthemeof each story, as well as two or more otherelements from this list:character, plot, setting, symbol, style,andpoint-of-viewFirst called: THE STORY OF HOURSecond called: The Things They Carried stories.jpg2.jpgThe-Things-They-Carried.docxPosted: 2 years agoDue: 16/03/2018Budget: $15Answers 1katetutor4.5 (565)4.7 (5k )Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itljz99_1603_Review_16-03-20180.docxljz99_1603_Review_16-03-20181.pdfTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $15Bids 36Epic Writer PhdMadam JosephinekatetutorAmanda SmithSterling Tutorbrilliant answersDr. Claver-NNBeaverlyUltimate_WriterProfessional research writerPhyill WoodsKyla Watt PhDTop-Performercoco_soboWendy LewisDr MidclassVal TutorsProf.MacQueenMichelle Kmadam-professorphyllis youngCharandrybig tankCatherine OwensPROF. KATELYNCallie ThorneYazmin Grey PhDDr. KramerProf Double RTom mutungaRey writerLady Taylor PhDMiss ProfessorAsma Rahim[email protected]kim woodsOther questions 10 market value of the boundsresponse 2 Page Mini PaperAmazon Inc. vs. WalMart Stores IncaccNeed in 19 hours from nowThe danger of a single storudue on 04/14/16 – 10 pages case study paper – APA style – follow direction in PPTHR Management in Healthcare Systems/REY WriterHW in Statistics and I want to receive the the answers in 6-7 hours from posting the HWNot ratedComparison Essay Option2Please study the pieces (The Story of an Hour and The Things They Carried) listed below, and prepare to compare the elements (such asplot, character, setting, and theme) that appear in …16/03/201815english