Comparing the Necklace and Cindderella

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The protagonist Matilde was a charming and pretty girl, but as fate would have it, she was born into a middle-class family of artisans. By no means did she have the chance of becoming famous, loved, or even being married away to a man of great wealth or distinction. Hence, when the time came for her to get married, Matilde was given in marriage to an ordinary clerk.Cinderella, on the other hand, is one of the best-known fairy tales, and an extremely cherished children’s story, but one that has a deeper understanding. This text reveals that, like all fables, it has an underlying message to deliver. In this case it is the triumph of good over evil and the final victory of goodness over unjust oppression. It is a story to be found in many languages and almost all the cultures of the world and the various renditions end with the brutally oppressed Cinderella, marrying her Prince Charming, because of all her good virtues and beauty.The Necklace is a story replete with irony, which unmasks the greed of Matilde for the good things in life, and how she is ready to even borrow from friends, just so that she can make a favorable impression on others. Matilde is unhappy with her life because she feels that she has married a person much lower to her status. According to Matilde, life had dealt her a harsh blow by getting married to a clerk for she felt that she deserved much better. She suffered badly on this account and hated the poorness of her home with its old and shabby curtains and worn-out furniture.Matilde’s mind was constantly tormented by these things and she secretly envisioned sprawling saloons with rich silk and Oriental tapestry work, exquisite furniture that housed priceless ornaments and huge antechambers that were perfumed and had comfortable armchairs. She longed to have delicate meals from gleaming silver-ware, but all she had now was a simple meal at a small round table.This story shows us how greed can wreak havoc in a person’s life and an ironic twist of fate, we see that the necklace for which Matilde toiled her life away, was not made of real diamonds, but was indeed a fake.