Compare the carnival of Barranquila with the one of Rio de Janeiro and another one in the US

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Comparison of the Carnival of Barranquilla with that of Rio-de –Janerio and Atlanta Carnival in United s Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3Thesis Statement 3The Comparison 3Conclusion 5Works Cited 6Introduction Carnival comprises of mirth, fun, frolic and celebration. A typical carnival generally includes celebration at public level and at parade. It includes major features of circuses, mask parades and public parties on street. Carnivals are celebrated to come out of the extreme boredom and mundane approach of daily courses marked by masquerade celebrations. And each of these carnivals has explicit difference in their way of celebration which makes them unique in their respective ways. Similarly, there are differences between the carnival of Barranquilla and one celebrated at Rio-De-Janerio and Atlanta carnival in United States. Thesis StatementThis essay intends to explore the subtle and intricate differences between the carnival of Barranquilla with that of Rio-de-Janerio and that of the Atlanta carnival in the United Sates which make them unique in their respective ways.The ComparisonCarnival of Barranquilla is one of the biggest and popular carnivals. This carnival is renowned as one of the biggest folklores and as the most significant celebration in Colombia. The heritage of the carnival is quite ancient and its traditions originate back in 19th century. The event is marked by exotic and intense festivities and the deck of Barranquilla warmly welcomes the tourists and nationals at least forty days before the initiation of the festival. The festival is marked by its unique dance practices of paloteo of Spanish origin along with Congo dance of Africa and indigenous music and dance of mico y micas. The carnival is marked by the wide practice of varieties of Columbian music and cumbia is pertinently practiced in the carnival. The cumbia music and dance is the most important activity of the carnival and the practice of this kind of music and dance in the festival makes it unique in its essence (Sinning, Joselito Carnaval. Proexport Colombia, The Barranquilla Carnival: The Most Colorful Carnival in the World).The extraordinary blend of the ancient and colorful tribal dances of African origin with the accompaniment of Spanish music enriches and renders a unique quality to the festivity. Among those, the dances like porro, mapale, puya and cumbia generate the chief attraction of the carnival. The carnival initiates on Saturday and ends on Tuesday. The inception of the festival is marked by the battle of flowers which is a treat to the eyes and is unique of its kind. The finale of the festival includes mourning day and the death of the Joselito Carvajal is observed followed by the announcement of his burial (Sinning, Joselito Carnaval. Proexport Colombia, The Barranquilla Carnival: The Most Colorful Carnival in the World).On the other hand, there is least scope for mourning or pause in the festival of Rio-de-Janerio where the different streets of the city are flooded with the schools of samba dance across the country before they lined up with the main parade and procession on the major streets of the city of Rio. It is celebrated for four days and it starts with the fasting and the day of repentance is observed before the initiation of the Lent which is the unique feature of the carnival. There is hardly any other carnival across the globe which is celebrated with so much of fun, energy and mirth followed by the indigenous dance form of Brazil where the dancers are all clad with colorful robes bearing the mark of the ancient heritage and tradition of their indigenous culture (Rio Services Carnival, The Guide for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro). Atlanta Caribbean Carnival is one of the major carnivals celebrated in the United States. This carnival can be viewed as an attempt to blend the metropolitan culture with the indigenous traditions. The carnival is explicitly famous for its music and at a broader scale it promotes the diverse Caribbean culture making it familiar to the city of Atlanta. In this regard, the vision and mission of this carnival has transcended far beyond the mundane tradition, celebration and myriad catholic customs. Therefore, the carnival has its unique space and in essence is different from the Barranquilla or carnival at Rio-De-Janerio.Conclusion There are definitely some intricate and subtle differences between the carnivals celebrated and originated across the globe like the differences pertinent in the mode of celebration of the carnivals of Barranquilla, Rio-De-Janerio and Atlantic Caribbean Carnival. However, at the core of each festival there is motif of unity, fun and festivity which are common for all and obvious in every carnival.Works CitedProexport Colombia. The Barranquilla Carnival: The Most Colorful Carnival in the World. January 30, 2012. Tourism, 2009. Rio Services Carnival. The Guide for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. January 30, 2012. 2012 Rio Carnival, 2012. Sinning, Edgar Rey. Joselito Carnaval. January 30, 2012. Docs, 2004.