Compare or contrast between ford musting and Nissan GTR

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Compare or Contrast Between Ford Mustang Shelby and Nissan GT-R Compare or contrast between Ford Mustang Shelby and Nissan GT-R
One of the differences relates to the year of manufacture, whereby Ford Mustang Shelby was manufactured in 2012, while Nissan GT-R Edition will be introduced into the market in 2013. The other difference relates to the make whereby, Ford Mustang is a car with a Ford make, while Nissan GT-R is a Nissan make. However, these cases have a similarity in that they use the same type of fuel, whereby they use gas.
On the other hand, the other difference relates to the price, whereby Ford Mustang Shelby is selling at $ 48, 810, while Nissan GT-R is selling at $ 106, 320. The other difference to consider relates to their power Ford Mustang Shelby has a higher HP amounting to 550, while Nissan GT-R has a lower HP amounting to 545. hence, it is a bit lower than compared to the other car. The cars have another similarity, which relates to the number of passengers, whereby both have a capacity of carrying four passengers. The other similarity relates to the number of doors, and in this case, they have two doors.
The cars have a significant difference relation to the base of transmission, whereby Nissan GT-R has 6-speed automatic, while Ford Mustang Shelby has 6-speed manual. Moreover, Nissan GT-R has an additional feature in relation to the transmission, whereby it has both automatic and manual mode, but Ford Mustang Shelby has only manual mode without automatic. The other difference relates to the drive type whereby, Ford Mustang Shelby has a Real-Wheel-Drive (RWD), while Nissan GT-R has All Wheel Drive (AWD 4 x 4).
The other significant difference concerns the type of engine used by these cars, whereby Ford Mustang Shelby uses 5.4 Supercharge V8 engine, while Nissan GT-R uses 3.8 Turbocharged V6. The cars also have a difference in terms of the City Gas Mileage, which refers to the estimated amount of miles expended per gallon during a city driving which involves stopping and go traffic. In this case, Ford Mustang Shelby has 15 mpg, while Nissan GT-R 16 mpg.
The other differences relate to the interior features in these cars, whereby Ford Mustang Shelby does not have A/C with Climate Control, but Nissan GT-R has. Moreover, Nissan GT-R has Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror, but Ford Mustang Shelby does not have one. On the other had Nissan GT-R does not have an Auxiliary Audio input Jack, but Ford Mustang Shelby has a one. Nissan GT-R also has built-in hard drive, heated front Seat, keyless ignition and Navigation system, which are not present in Ford Mustang Shelby. However, these cars share a similarity in their interior features, whereby they have. Bluetooth, Hands-free calling, Leather upholstery, and power exterior mirror control.
In relation to the exterior features, both cars have alloy wheels, though Nissan GT-R has performance tires, but Ford Mustang Shelby does not have performance tires. The other exterior features present in Nissan GT-R and not in Ford Mustang Shelby include run-flat tires. break assist and daytime running lights. However, the cars also share a number of exterior features such as child seat anchors, driver and passenger seat airbags, and engine immobilizer (FindTheBest, 2012).
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