Compare messages and representations of sex love and romance across different magazines

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The images in the covers quite imply sexual messages, peculiar relationships, and gender. The following analyses look into how popular culture sources such as magazines represent issues on relationships. These sources feature salient commonalities. The substantial connection signal the inclination of the present times. In particular, literature such as Glamour, Hilary, and Cosmopolitan magazines focus on practicability, assertiveness, and open-mindedness as foundations of ideal intimacies. Therefore, a good number of popular culture sources embody sex, love, and romance through open, brazen, and mature characterizations that are likewise observed in other features of civilization. Discussion Glamour. One of the famous publications widely read by women is Glamour magazine. In fact, it has editions in other parts of the world such as Mexico, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Its issue regarding Sex and Love gives various tips on what men think, dating, relationships, sex, and breakups. Issues target the needs and interests connected to improving affections such as how to please men more. This entails being more active in exploring delicate body parts. For example, one article suggests that men like to be touched in certain sensitive areas such as the butt, neck, ear, feet, and nape (Gold, 10 Places to Try Touching Him Right Now). The directness of the subject reflects the empowerment of women when it comes to how they can be the source of pleasure in an intimate relationship. Seemingly, they are given authority and perhaps even the responsibility to adduce gratification in men. This kind of theme may affect readers to be more experimental, bold, and sensitive on how they touch their partners. Furthermore, another article recommends some standards when dating older men. Several of the dos are: to be mature, be oneself, and realize the fact that guys look better with age (Melms, The Dos and Don’ts of Dating an Older Man). The advices indicate the vulnerability of older men’s egos in a relationship. Hence, it encourages the public to view older partners in a more realistic and mature light. It does not always impose that if the partner is older, he is higher in stature relationship-wise. In a loving relationship, both should have a more or less fair ranking on how they treat each other. Another very thought-provoking classic is on the 7 things that a girl must feel comfortable doing when she is really in love with a guy. These are being able to show one’s anger toward him, letting him know how upset one is because of others, being able to lose control and cry, showing certain insecurities, looking scruffy, getting ill, and being affectionate to other people (Melms, Listen Up: It’s Not True Love Unless You’re Doing These 7 Things). Basically, the sign of true love is knowing and feeling that one can be accepted despite one’s weaknesses. It also implies that relationships should be a home of acceptance, warmth, and confidence. Hilary. Another periodical which proclaims itself to be North America’s first and most popular online women’s magazine is Hilary. Certainly, the publication uses amatory visual cues to evoke sex and romance. The topic is emphasized by the background picture which features a young woman in a suggestive pose. Wearing a revealing black top with matching black