Compare and contrast the views of diverse sociologists

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Theoretical Perspective: Research paper Theoretical Perspective: Research paper Theoretical Perspective: Research paperComparing and contrasting the work of Karl Marx and Herbert Spencer is one way of understanding sociology. Each has its own perspective in their approach of the concept of society. According to Karl Marx, he sees society as one that is held together through the power of dominant groups. As a result, competitions or struggle for power and wealth are inevitable causing conflict (Hensli, 2007). On the other hand, Spencer compared society with human organism to composed of different organized parts cooperating together to maintain human equilibrium. In like manner, the society persists to exist because of the fulfillment of the function of each part. Disturbances may only arise when certain parts becomes dysfunctional. Another point to compare is their background. Working for revolution, Karl Marx criticized the idea of capitalism and how this alienated people in the contemporary society. He witnessed hard labor, economic inequality, and other class struggles which created class system (John, 2011) during his time. This background influenced his view of society to be full of struggles. Spencer who finds difficulty to settle in a particular discipline, a non conformist, and a critic views society as place for the survival of the fittest (The western socialist, n.d). The idea of Karl Marx is in contradiction with that of Spencer in his view of change in the society where he advocates for active participation to overthrow the capitalists to cause change. Spencer on the contrary believed that there is no need to work actively since society is bound to eventually change and there is no need to struggle for a change (Gonderrmann, 2007). However, both Spencer and Karl Marx view the struggle for power and income to be a continuous process (Schaefer, 2006). Both indicated that to survive, one has to injure the challenges the society offers. Sources CitedGonderrmann, T. ( 2007). Progression and retrogression: Herbert Spencer’s explanations of social inequality. History of human sciences, (20). 21. Retrieved from On August 4, 2011. Henslin, J. (2007). Sociology. A Down-to-Earth Approach. Southern Illinois. Allyn and Bacon publishing.John, LB. ( 2011). Economic inequality. The Windsor star, Pg A-8. Retrieved from on August 4,2011.Schaefer, R. ( 2006). Sociology. New York, NY. McGraw-Hill companies. The Western socialist. ( n.d). Retrieved from on August 4, 2011.