Compare and Contrast The Learning Process

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Learning has turned out to be a life-long process and the dividing line between youth learning and learning in adulthood is fast vanishing. Merriam quotes Geissler (1996,pp.35-36), Youth in fact, who are sent out into life with a dwindling sackful of values,….face a situation in which they have to keep filling up their sack. This leads adult education to take lifelong learning as its motto. The duty to be free(with the pressure to realize oneself)is the duty to go on learning…..The hole in the ozone layer provides the stimulus for courses to which people turn for advice, mad cow disease pushes up the numbers attending vegetarian cooking courses, and backache creates a need for posture classes(p.6) By the time a student graduates from the traditional college education and enters the competitive job market, or if he is an entrepreneur thinks of establishing one’s own production unit, technology has moved faster than what is taught in the syllabus and merits of the ones degree certificate. The process of learning has become continuous from the point of launching one’s career to eventual retirement. Merriam writes, …technology has had an enormous impact on the economy. Robotics and automation displace production workers but create other jobs. technology has fostered whole new work structures such as telecommuting. and so on. The effect of the global economy and technological advances on the nature of adult learning is staggering. Adults find that they must continue their learning past formal schooling in order to function at work, at home, and in their communities. The need for new knowledge for updating old information, for retraining, has resulted in multi-billion dollar educational enterprise.(p.2) Before comparing and contrasting the learning processes through adult development and learning models, it needs to be clearly understood that most of the theories are inclusive and they have something to give .something to take from each other. they are inclusive and not exclusive.