Compare and contrast one of the dance television shows

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Your initial post should be made during Unit 2, January 21st at 4:00 pm.Submissions after this time will not be accepted.Please respond to the following questions:In 6-7 sentences, compare and contrast one of the dance television shows referenced in this unit (try to choose a show that has not already been referenced by another student) to that of the American Dance Marathons, considering such questions as: How does the socioeconomic and sociopolitical climate of the time affect how dance is presented and how the participants are treated/portrayed? Discuss the Issue of exploitation, who was exploited, who did the exploiting, and how? What aspects were theatre, and what aspects were real? How were these exaggerated? What are the reinforced stereotypes present in the competitions? Tell us about the idea that drama sells.Use specific terminology and concepts discussed in class thus far. Make sure that you are citing all sources, or being clear that your statement is your idea/belief/observation.20/01/20205education