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Requirements:Topic: Consulting Skills, delivering successful a project proposalThis individual assignment will, on the one hand, evaluate your ability to develop a formal proposal as a response to a Tender document; and, on the other, evaluate your capacity for summarising your proposal in 6 slides presentation that could be delivered in 10-15 minutes.Your work consists of two parts:• Prepare a response to the Tender Document. The extension of the document is 1250 words.• Prepare a six (6) slides presentation, a document that summarises the main features of your proposal. Make sure you stick to the 6×6 rule (6 bullet points in each slide, 6 words in each bullet point). You are not expected to deliver a live or recorded presentation; you only need to submit your slides. You are allowed to include brief presenter-notes in the notes section of the slides (these will not be considered in the word count).Remember: you are not required to provide a solution to the case study; you are just developing a proposal.Description of the ProjectA company is facing operational problems and has issued a Tender document requesting consulting companies to participate. The project will be assigned to the best and most competitive proposal.Please read the requirements alongside the Tender document you have been provided. You should submit your response to the tender in the form of1) A short (6 slides) presentation that could be delivered within a 10 to 15 minutes slot; and2) An extended proposal document (maximum 1250 words). This document should cover the following elements (notice that these are not necessarily linked to subsections in your document.)• Why do you believe there is a need for the project based on the tender brief?• What, in your view, is the main problem of your client? Provide professional or academic references supporting your view.• Outline how you plan to work on this project if you were to win it- what you would do, which will be your research approach? Which techniques will you deploy? What is the information you will need? Provide professional or academic references supporting your view.• Identify the outcomes for the client.• Establish the reach and limitations of the project.• Present your team.• Provide a project timeline using project management tools (e.g. Gantt chart). Provide academic references for your work.• Provide a realistic budget for your project.• Include an appendix with terms and conditions and any relevant document you consider it should be added (the Appendix will not be considered for the word count).The presentation should be a summary of your proposal, highlighting the main elements and providing your client with an overview. It should be designed assuming that the presenter will not take more than 10 minutes for their presentation (remember, you are not going to present). You can include a title page for your presentation (a seventh slide that will not be included in the count)Referencing: You must reference your work correctly using the Harvard method.You have been asked to join a team to bid for, and to undertake performance improvement activities in FixituP according the Invitation to Tender. Your actions are to be developed in two phases:(i) Tendering.(ii) Organisational Problem-solving (analysis), involving diagnosis,process modelling, modelling monitoring processes, strategic prognosis.You are also expected to set up your own evaluation activities on aspects of each of these phases & activities.You are to report to Stuart Hamilton, who has asked you to concentrate your efforts on implementing e-business toFixituP.17/05/202040businessfinance