Compair and contrast between the hawk and the Lady in red

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This paper discusses the differences and similarities between the two stories with respect to the major characters.Stressed, lonely, and living in regret, the Lady in Red character re-lives memories of what life used to be when he had money. From trips to Europe, having the best car, friends, and house, but all these seem to have faded and reduced him to a street beggar. The character portrays life on the fast lane and life on the street. The astounding factor in this story is that life is unpredictable, as the character puts it, today, you could own the best car, and tomorrow you could be begging on the streets (LeMieu45). He used to have many friends who would join in the thanksgiving celebration and drink the finest wine. Additionally, loving family members would show up on different occasions and have a good laugh. However, life turned against the professional sports writer, and salesman who had excellent skills in business. All that he was left with was his old car, and his dog, Willow, who never left his side. From begging on the streets and being chased from stores he used to shop, the character seems to have lost hope and the zeal to live again. However, he finds closure when he packs his car in the usual sanctuary where many homeless people stay. This gives him the motivation that he is not the only one in the universe going through pain and suffering.Similarly, the Hawk character goes through the same tribulations despite having a prosperous past. The Hawk character sleeps in a tent inside a community football pitch. He used to be a reputed football player back in the day, and received recognition from community members. However, after going into business, things failed to work in his favor, and he ended up homeless. Luckily, people of the community were compassionate and let him stay in the field as long as he would not interfere with the daily activities taking place. He once had a caring heart, but all