Community Health

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We first looked at housing, and in this we noticed that the community was comprised of persons of all ages, that is, the young, the middle-aged and the elderly, then on the housing conditions, most of the houses were not all that good, in terms of sanitation and structure, most of them, were not kept up so they might need serious repair, the yards in the community and the neighborhood were untidy and overgrown. Looking at these conditions, they might expose the inhabitants of this community to various health hazards, that is, overgrown yards might lead to malaria infections as mosquitoes will inhabit the place, poor housing, and sanitation might expose people to tuberculosis infections and typhoid infections.
Other buildings are absolutely occupied and there is maximum congestion in the community, the public and commercial buildings are not accessible to the disabled persons, this congestion arises due to the continuous ignorance by community members to adhere to family planning practices, also poverty drives the girls into early pregnancies as they strive to look for cash and the only way to acquire it is by commercializing themselves, the disabled are ignored and looked down upon in the community.
The available parks and public places are not well maintained and are not usually used by a variety of people, also there are some minimal sports facilities which are mostly inadequate and non-functional, there is misuse of the parks and public places that is people do whatever they want and when they want such as public smoking and this can expose one to diseases such as lung cancers.