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Reading Response: Communication-Public Relation Reading Response: Communication-Public Relation The top five strategies for making the most of your internship as presented by provide what I believe to be practical tips on how individuals can be able to approach their internships so as to be able to maximize their learning experience as well as increase the possibility of landing a job at the firm after graduation ( 2014). However, I do not agree with some of the tips provided in the article such the need for one to be a Johnny or Suzy Good Intern who is always trying to appease the bosses. I think that such an approach would not necessarily work in the event that a boss requires that his employees exhibit strong independent character traits, that allow for them to take the initiative and effectively address issues without constantly trying to come across as likable (Scheer, 2009). This position is further supported by research conducted by career edge which on a sample size of 1,118 Ontarians that found that 82 percent of individuals aged between 18 and 29 years actually preferred to being in workplace environments that offered them a balance between independence and teamwork (Taylor 2010). In a further demonstration of the research dubbed 5 myths established that 34% of individuals in this age category preferred that cubicle styled office structures that offered more independence and privacy to employees as opposed to using the open-concept of the more hyper-casual offices that offered less independence and privacy. I agree with the results of the survey that also established that this generation –Y ers are quite keen to understand the given corporate culture, however they do not what a boss whose acts like a best friend and instead prefer having bosses who act like mentors and provide them with a lot of feedback on their work (Taylor, 2010).Concepts such as employees going well above and beyond what their employees require of them, striving to establish good networks, and always ensuring that they display enthusiasm and energy are valuable tips that are not only useful during the internship period, but are also critical work ethics that should be observed by those wishing to be good employees (Internweb, 2014) (2014). Top Five Strategies for Making the Most of Your Internship. Retrieved on 27, May 2014, from, S. (2009). The entrepreneur as business leader: cognitive leadership in the firm. Cheltenham, UK . Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar.Taylor, L. (2010). Career Edge Study: What twentysomethings want from their jobs. Retrieved on 27, May 2014, from their_jobs.html