Commercials that Use Spokespeople

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Commercials that Use Spokespeople Expertise Ad: Oral b Toothbrush Link: http The spokesperson in the advertisement is an expert because he claims to be a dentist in the commercial and that he recommends Oral B to his patients. An expert in dental care is a dentist and when the spokesperson claimed that he as well as the commercial claims that Oral B is more recommended by dentist uses experts in persuading its audience to buy Oral B toothbrush.
Ad: Oral B
It is the same product but this time, Oral B did not have a dentist to endorse its product but used a trusted person (Ellen Degeneres) to endorsed its toothbrush. The advertisement was done through Ellen Degeneres show and through the traditional commercial where Ellen endorses the toothbrush as “great” and “feels like being cleaned by a professional dentist”. She even Simulated toothbrushing or washing her teeth using Oral B in her show and how could people not like it in addition to the fact that the endorser is Ellen Degeneres, one of the most trusted celebrities/show host in America.
Ad: Tag Heuer Watch
This commercial used a likable celebrity to the person of Cameron Diaz to endorse a watch. The selling point of this advertisement is to associate the watch to Cameron Diaz and not to its excellent performance (although Tag Heuer is an excellent watch) nor to an expert endorsement. The advertiser in this commercial is banking on Cameron Diaz’s fan base to also buy the watch since their favorite star is also using the watch.