Commercial Banks

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The bank is regulated and authorized to run its operations by the Financial Services Authority. The employees adhere to rules and principles that are stipulated under the Banking Act. The bank is listed in the London, New York and Tokyo Stock Exchanges .Its headquarters are based at One Churchlike place in the Canary Wharf in the London’s Docklands. It has several branches in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
The institution has been involved in corporate social responsibilities such as the campaign program known as the Prince Rainforest Project (PRP).The programs is aimed at creating awareness of company’s products to the community and the society at large. The campaign involves building of the online community program to stop deforestation activities from taking place.
It is a financial institution that offers financial services to the customers in the market. It is considered to be main market in United Kingdom. The services that are offered by the bank include. wealth management, retail banking, insurance, investment, wholesale and international banking services for its customers. It has a well established network in United Kingdom that helps in leveraging so as to be in a position to gain from more selling opportunities that are in the market (Lloyds TSB Group plc 2009).
It consists of telephone services that are…
It also has a very large cash machine network that aids it undertaking its tasks in the right way.
The management of the company purchased several banks such as Governors House Apartment of the park Lane properties. The park Lane Properties was co-owed by a Kuwait-based ADDEEM Investment company and the Investment Bar. The reason for purchasing the property was to ease the process of accessing very vital information and to undertake analysis of the company’s reports so as to be in a better position to understand the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It has an agricultural account that helps its clients in offering personnal, local and support services that are aimed at meeting the needs of the customers in the right way. The account also assists the customers in enabling them to access electronic mail services as well as telephone services in an effective manner.
Marketing share of Barclays PLC
The share prices of this company were actually had fallen by 40% as at 10th May 2009.This resulted from investors lack of confidence in the company’s products ,therefore people purchased their products .
Barclays bank
Share prices
Basic earnings per share
Diluted earnings per share
Marketing share of Lloyds TSB
The shares of this company were been bought and sold in the international markets and United Kingdom through using the online and phone forms of communications. The demand for shares also declined due to financial problems that were facing the country. The earnings of the company were to be distributed to the shareholders in form of dividend which