Combating Childhood Obesity in UK

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According to the report (NHS, 2011), in 2009, about 31% boys and 28% girls were either overweight or obese. Now, one thing becomes evident. The steps taken so far by the authorities to control obesity have gone astray. It is highly necessary to adopt newer strategies to tackle the issue of obesity. It is at this juncture that Lindsey Davies, President of FPH, opined that law must be used to fight obesity. The strategy adopted In Healthy Weight, healthy lives: a cross-government strategy for England, Prime Minister Gordon Brown states that the aim of the nation is to be the first nation to reverse the trend of obesity, and it wants to have the initial focus on children. The immediate plans in the new strategy include identifying at-risk families as early as possible and plans to promote breastfeeding as the norm for mothers, giving better information to parents about their children’s health by providing parents with their child’s results from the National Child Measurement Programme, ensuring that all schools have cooking as a part of the curriculum, ensuring healthy lunch box policies for all children, ensuring PE participation of all obese children, encouraging parents to make necessary changes in the diet and physical activities of their children, and improving cycling infrastructure and skills (ibid). The new policy built on the existing ones It is alarming to note that despite the measures, the rate of obesity is on increase. So, the new policy aims to incorporate both law and technology to ensure that people strictly follow the health guidelines. The new strategy involves ensuring physical activity for all children at school, ensuring less fat diet at school, and restricting TV watching hours of families based on the number of obese people at home. So, evidently, the article will aim at all people in the U.K. For parents, it will provide a better insight into how to handle their children and the benefits of the strategies, the law-makers and health professionals will get an idea on how the strategy the nation has adopted can be effectively implemented and for children, this article will function as warning. In order for the new health policy to be effective, it is necessary to introduce a number of new initiatives. The first initiative is to implement the rule that primary schools should have two hours of compulsory physical activity time everyday when the activity will be running. In addition, every school will have a swimming pool and one hour swimming will be must for each student. The second rule will be that schools will be providing lunch to students and it will contain items that are suggested by the health department from time to time. The third initiative is regarding the TV watching hours of people. Every family will be getting a health card on which the number of obese children will be indicated. Such families will not be provided any channels other than news channels on public holidays and times when children are usually at home. Health officials will visit such homes on a bimonthly basis. It will be made compulsory for the children from such families to spend at least two hours in gymnasiums everyday. As the families manage to reduce the overweight problem, they will be gradually allowed to have access to television. Admittedly, this initiative will not solve the problem in a few days, and evidently, it requires the