Columbus first voyage 1493

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41000 The author has rightly presented that Christopher Columbus was a navigator and explorer whose mission was to explore to the Indies. During his exploration, Columbus sailed to different locations including the west across the Atlantic Ocean. He had difficulty obtaining support for his plan because European thought the Earth was flat. Columbus’ first journey and discovery were a remarkable event in world history because of its extensive importance. Columbus discovery of the Indies expanded knowledge of the sea and trade routes. His discovery of the wealth in Indies initiated success for most European countries such as Spain in trade and other commercial activities. In addition, Columbus’ discovery motivated other explorers to embark on other voyages that marked the Era of Discovery. New opportunities for commerce were developed for European. Based on reports about Columbus first voyage in 1493, the mission initiated several discoveries and trade among European nations. In his letter, Columbus notified Lord Gabriel Sanchis of his discovery of the islands of India. He expressed the pleasure of having successfully completed the mission to discover the great islands of the sea. His discovery was a plausible step towards opening up avenues of trade. In the Indiana Sea, Columbus discovered islands inhabited by a great population. Columbus named the various islands discovered in the Indiana Sea. These included the islands of Fernandina, Isabella, Juana and Santa Maria. Juana was an extensive island and, therefore, named the province of Cathay.&nbsp.