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Please your reasons for transferring to Penn. If this is not your first change in colleges, explain your reasons for the previous transfer. An evaluation of your college education to date and why your educational goals may be better served at Penn should be addressed. If you have not been enrolled in school continuously since high school graduation, please indicate how you have spent your time.
Deliberating on which university I should consider applying to is one of the most significant decisions I ever have to make. Recognizing that the choice of university will largely determine the quality of education that I will be attaining, I strive to choose one which will provide the most fertile ground for my growth and excellence as I am very concerned about my career and future. After giving it much thought and consideration, I am sure that transferring to Penn is the best option for me.
I believe that an individual should always look at pursuing holistic development. Academics should be complemented with activities which enhance my personality and improve my social skills. Being a student, I am fully aware that academic excellence should be my top priority though I am also keen in balancing it by participating and contributing to the activities within the university and the larger community. Thus, I have been proud of my achievements at Villanova and I am confident that Penn will enable to reach my full potential as an individual in order to contribute more and bestow a positive impact on society. The university will surely serve as a venue to bring these aspirations into reality. Admission to Penn will not only support my desire of completing a formal education but pursue my quest in holistic development. I am very much motivated to excel in a learning environment that promotes diversity, both educationally and culturally.
Throughout my lifetime, exposure to different customs and culture has been influential in my growth and development. I consider myself to be fortunate to encounter various cultures and educational systems. I was born and raised in Taiwan, where unlike the schools in United States, students are required to wear their uniforms to school everyday. Upon the teacher’s arrival we stand up and welcome her/him to show our respect and appreciation which is not a custom here in the US. Through these exposures and different experiences, I become more open-minded noting and understanding the beauty of each culture.
Moving to Shanghai, China has been one of the most trying times in my life as I have to be aware of my identity due to the tension between our countries. Prior to my admission o high school, I am illiterate in English. Thus, recognizing the importance of knowing this knowledge in our rapidly integrating global village, I took English as a Second Language in school as part of my academic workload. Through hard work and commitment, I quickly excelled in these classes and is transferred to a regular English course. Before long, I am taking advanced level classes and courses under the International Baccalaureate. Currently, I am facing another phase of world culture which I believe will be instrumental in bringing out the best in me. My previous experiences have allowed me to become more culturally adaptive making me fit easily in diverse settings. My exposure to other cultures, traditions, customs, and history gives me the opportunity to share my ideas with others and also enabling them to learn from them.
Going from one culture to another has always been a challenge to me because it requires me to make several, sometimes really sacrificial adjustments. Yet, this gives me first-hand cultural information allowing me to identify similarities and differences between cultures. In China, as a member of the basketball varsity team, I have to exert additional efforts during training because I was both a foreigner and the shortest player on the team. While I was in Villanova University, I am also one of the few Chinese students at the University which gave me the opportunity to assert my leadership skills and the inspiration to establish a Chinese Club.
In my life I have been through many challenges, but I have never been discouraged. Instead, I continue to seek challenges, to prove to myself that as long as I am determined I can accomplish anything that I put myself through. I believe that advertise are not present to intimidate us but to prepare us to fulfill our aspirations. Trying to understand or adapt to another culture is a challenge, but we should always look at the positive side of things, which is the Ying and the Yang philosophy as exposed in life.
Diversity is very important to me in my development. This is also the reason why I decided to apply so that I may transfer to the University of Pennsylvania. At Penn’s College of Arts and Sciences, I perceive that I will be able to push myself to my greatest capabilities. By involving myself in Penn’s array of researches and activities, I will be able to contribute to your diversity on campus, as well as challenge myself as an individual. As part of Penn, I can envision myself developing academically, socially, and culturally.
By attending a career seminar, I am able to envision the career path that I want to take. But first, I also that before I can an expert in an area of studies I need to build the knowledge of related fields. Thus, I want to have a deeper understanding of the culture, the society, the history, the traditions, and the customs in order to make successful business transactions on an international basis. I cannot agree more with an old saying coined by Confucius, Be a generalist while claim some specialties. With this realization, I am strongly determined in becoming part of the Penn community. Penn offers a variety of courses that will help me achieve my goals of having holistic education. I am particularly interested in the individualized program that offers multi-disciplinary fields of knowledge. I believe that social issues and concerns can never be properly deliberated with a single discipline. I want to research in a variety of fields and work with many fellow students and professors.
I can say that I am a very disciplined person who begin and finish tasks before due dates. I can work independently following my own pace yet I also love the opportunity of working with a group where I learn from the diverse skills of the members. Being an international student who speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Japanese gives me the advantage of researching primary sources which are not in English. Given that I am aware of the differences and similarities of cultures I will be in a position to not only translate verbatim but I will also take into consideration the culture, customs, traditions, and history during this process. This would make me a valuable asset to faculty members who are conducting international research.
I have clear goals and objectives. I advocate diversity and Penn shares the same perspectives as I do. I hope Penn would give me the opportunity to be part of its undergraduate program so that I may achieve my goals and objectives. Being part of an Ivy League School will open doors for me in the future and make Penn proud that I was once one of its undergraduate students. To conclude this essay, I would like to leave with a part of wisdom that Mark Twain shared, It were not best that we should all think alike. it is difference of opinion that makes horse races.