Collaboration Between Potential Buyers and Sellers

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For purposes of formulating the marketing plan, both exploratory and constructive research shall be utilised (Bryman amp. Bell 2004, Saunders et al 2007). Exploratory research will be used to identify problems, and clearly define them, using both primary and secondary data and information gathering techniques. Available secondary data related to external and internal environmental factors shall be used, such as Philippine retail industry data, demographics, data on household expenditures, existing government regulation, as well as data from SOS operations. Primary data using questionnaires, interviews and informal discussions with SOS employees, customers, suppliers and business partners will also be used. According to Saunders et al (2000), both quantitative and qualitative data analyses can be used in analysing data to arrive at reasonable conclusions. This study will, therefore, employ both quantitative and qualitative methods to accomplish its objectives. Johnson et al (2006) state that the PESTEL framework is a framework that can be used to categorise the factors that influence the business environment of an organization into six main types including Political Influences, Economic influences, Technological influences, Social Influences, Environmental influences, and Legal influences. Like any other business, SOS is greatly affected by political factors in the Philippine. Stricter regulation from the Philippine Optical Media Board covering computer and audio-video equipment.