Collaboration and Ethics

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Collaboration in teaching refers to the joint endeavour made by educators which include planning and working with of all levels and from allareas of study. It promotes teamwork among them in lesson planning, evaluation of student performance, and data analysis. It is essential in ensuring achievement of goals and providing a worthwhile encounter among participants.It is also important for the participants to achieve deeper familiarization of each other, set common goals and tactics in dealing with conflicts, and be able to match actual methods with their expectations. Effective strategies should be learned as well in addressing possible conflicts, which they may encounter in each stage of the process. It is necessary for conflicts to be acknowledged and addressed instead of denying their existence. Failure to address the onset of conflicts may discourage educators from voicing out their standpoint towards an issue, which is the vital initial step in resolving conflicts, so as to establish lasting objectives and tactics that will settle issues and concerns in teaching and management of educational institutions.As a future licensed teacher, collaboration is a very essential tool in my personal and professional development. Although working generally on my own develops independence and mental creativity, working together with other educators could make me think more outside the box, promote social interaction, and give me ample opportunities to contribute my skills and ideas. Learning the concept of collaboration has provided me a concrete guide in conducting classes, creating projects, and evaluating students, to name a few. It has also improved my strategies in lesson planning and my approach on students from different levels and areas of study. Gaining knowledge about collaboration in teaching will certainly help my future students veer away from traditional or even obsolete methods which would in turn make them more equipped, advanced, and competitive. (Learning Forward, 2011)