Cognitive Aspect of the Mind at the Middle Age

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In addition to that, physically, Berger (2007) stated that apart from the more fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, and mouth uncovering themselves, sagging and discoloration of the skin also materialize due to the fact that the skin of the middle-aged is now less elastic as to compared when they were younger. Moreover, physical fitness decreases too. This, later on, affects the middle-aged through the manifestation of different ailments. These signs of aging are to be the most visible ones, though. On the one hand, the cognitive aspect of the middle-aged mind is also a subject to several criticisms.&nbsp. Some argue that mental ability declines when people age. In fact, the brain function in the middle years has a reputation that it does not operate at a fast rate relative to the time of its youth.&nbsp. However, despite such reputation, Phillips (2011) found out that the middle-aged mind is capable of preserving a number of capacities during its youth and all the more so, has the potential to foster some new strengths. In this regard, the focus of this research mainly delves into studying the middle-age process with a particular look at the mind of the middle age.&nbsp. In particular, it intends to address three specific objectives. First, it aims to understand how the society perceives the middle-aged adult’s mental capacity.&nbsp. Second, it targets to describe the perceived weak cognitive characteristics of the middle-aged adult. Third, it points to determining what the strong aspects of the mind at the middle age are. Indeed, society views aging negatively.&nbsp. People attach a lot of negative images to those individuals who are no longer young.&nbsp. These negative images include undesirably describing the mental capacity of the older individuals.&nbsp. However, only a few researchers investigated the cognitive ability of the middle-aged adult. &nbsp.It is in this regard why this research is of importance. Through grasping an understanding of the abilities of mind of the middle age, this study can contribute to viewing the mental abilities of the human mind positively.