Cofdis case study

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The Case of COFIDIS Strategic Problem Cofidis must adapt itself to a new market consisting of the normal North European family in the context of home life. In order to make Cofidis unique to this new market, it should promote itself as the quickest online credit facility with the most precise solutions for people’s credit needs.
Tactical Problem
There must be a clear research on the demographics of the North European family just stated. This includes gathering data on the credit habits of these families. At the same time, their salaries and other sources of income must be surveyed.
Research on such information as how often they avail of consumer credit, what is the typical range of the amount of loans being borrowed by these people, and how much doubtful loans are being incurred as a result of servicing them.
One should also take a look at the familial culture that is shared among these groups, and the management should be able to take advantage of their set of traits.
1. Cofidis financing must be the answer to the credit needs of middle-aged parents. It should promote a new product line with various credit features that are tailor-fit to the housing requirements of these families. This can be done through more advanced technological integration with the Internet, particularly through an easier online environment.
2. It should be clear how the products directly answer to numerous needs, like the procurement of furniture, payment of rent, repair of equipment, paying of bills, and so on.
The management must be capable of dealing with glitches associated with such online transactions. It must benchmark on the current innovative technologies which are being utilized by multi-national banks that cater to consumer credit.