Coco Chanel The Legend and the Life

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What made her successful and prolific in her career according to Picardie (2010), was the fact that she was ambitious, determined, full of energy and way too courageous which made her competitive, opportunistic and not afraid to speak her mind or put her ideas into action.

What he or she taught you?
As a result of her courageousness and determination which she oozed, Coco Chanel has taught me not to be afraid of failure and when I am down, I should pick up my pieces and move on. Her daring and liberated lifestyle has taught me to be my own person and stand by my principles while at the same time pursuing my dreams and thinking outside the box if I want to be the best in what I do and outdo competition just the way she did.
Why what you learned is important to you
My professional success is important to me and with liberated thinking, determination, and courage. I can succeed just like Coco succeeded in her career.