Coach Working at Different Levels within the UK

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This paper illustrates that sports coaching has followed the trajectory of sports in the international market. Some coaches such as Alex Fergusson are as famous as the players whom they coach. This section discusses the functions and roles of coaches and helps in developing an understanding of their use. Sports’ coaching is linked to the economic and social events of the past and coaching follows the story of sports. Modern sports such as football, cricket, and others were not invented in the ancient times and the common people had neither the energy nor the inclination to take up sports after a hard days labor. The ancient Greeks conducted the Olympics and the first mention of athletes who trained under special trainers is known. Plato, Archimedes, Hippocrates and other philosophers also served as coaches for they believed in a sound body and a sound mind. Wealthy patrons brought in expert wrestlers and runners, winners of Olympic events became celebrities, and wealth was showered on the winner and his coach. Imperial Rome had trainers who trained slaves for gladiator contests and training was limited to war games such as wrestling, sword fighting, archery, Javelin, horse riding, running and other such events. Kings and Lords maintained armies and these were kept in fighting shape through constant training. Coaches toured villages and picked up fit and strong youths and these were trained as soldiers. Contests of strength and skills were held during community feasts and trained soldiers participated in these events. The common peasant or tradesmen never participated in these contests or sports and coaching was limited to only events that helped in war.