Clinical Skills and Nursing Roles

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According to the Code, a nurse must “practice competently, you must possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for lawful, safe and effective practice without direct supervision. You must acknowledge the limits of your professional competence and only undertake practice and accept responsibilities for those activities in which you are competent. (NMC 2002)&nbsp.
Nurses contribute much to the treatment and recovery of the patient. The attitudes and skills of nurses towards their patients are essential determinants not only to the fast recovery of the patients but also to the efficiency with which the members of the medical team delivers services to the patients. The many roles that a highly-skilled nurse play in the care of the patient as well as a member of the medical team would help so much in making the patients confident and comfortable, thereby easing off the burden from the shoulders of the members of the medical team.
Nurses are required to “practice and accept responsibilities for those activities in which you are competent”(NMC 2002). Most of the roles that nurses play in their profession are so closely related to each other that they are often seen as part and parcel of the whole health care service.
A very noble role of nurses is that of a caregiver to the patients. Often times, caregivers are “family members, friends or neighbors”3 who care for their sick or disabled loved ones. This role is also innate in the nursing profession. A nurse, by the nature of his/her profession, is “guardians” of the sick plays the role of a caregiver by helping identify, prevent, or treat an illness or disability. Inpatient care, playing the role of a caregiver is very important. Caring for the patients and catering to their needs is part of the nurse’s commitment to promoting the well being of the patient and is part of his/her ethical duty to provide comfort and compassion to the patient.
One of the biggest roles of a nurse in the practice of his/her&nbsp.profession is being a member of a team.