Clinical Features and Treatment of Lung Fluke in Human

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Human lung fluke disease is characterized by cough and hemoptysis. The ova of Paragonimus westermani is expectorated in the sputum. The symptoms of this disease are surprisingly sparse. The other methods of clinical investigations such as physical examination and x-ray chest also prove to be negative in clinical situations. The breath sounds which are often abnormal in any condition with lung parenchymal involvement are usually normal, although some degree of hyper-resonance may be detected on percussion. The hematologic parameters are essentially normal with a moderate degree of leukocytosis or varying degree of anaemia. Clinically or pathologically there are no indirect parameters which can be the hallmark of this disease. Therefore, the only diagnostic sign would be the detection of the ova of Paragonimus westermani in the sputum. This is an endemic disease of public health importance in different geographical locations, but the clinical diagnostic parameters are hardly useful. Research in this area has been considerably less. consequently, there would be a prominent gap in the knowledge about the human form of the disease. In this study, all available literature has been reviewed in order to update the knowledge, which could be clinically useful.In this literature review, different aspects of the disease of human lung fluke will be investigated from original research articles. The knowledge about this potentially preventable public health problem is limited due to the paucity of focused research and laxity in reporting the data. Therefore research in this area is necessary in order to add to the knowledge and possibly devising preventive measures.In order to review the relevant literature, based on the objective cited, certain keywords will be developed. The prospective keywords would be lung fluke, endemic hemoptysis, case reports, clinical features, epidemiology, endemicity, and Paragonimus westermani and P. Miyazaki, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.