Clever Marketing in the Luxury Fashion Industry

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Talented designers, nowadays, unlike their counterparts from before, can no longer merely rely on their talent. In fact, they are forced to share profits such as the Gucci Group and the LVMH in order to increase their sales through marketing. Without a doubt, the luxury fashion industry makes use of clever marketing strategies in order to keep the brand alive.It is then in relation to this that this research seeks to look into the concept of clever marketing and how this posed implications to the industry. Furthermore, this paper also examines the said strategies and how these affect the companies. In order to achieve this then, the researcher employs the questionnaire method in order to gain the perceptions of the members of Gucci, LVMH, and Richemont with regard to clever marketing and how these affect them. aLuxury, style, and elegance have traditionally been associated with the French way of life. In fact, the first so-called ‘grands against’ were found in their capital and these were associated with values of sensuality, luxury, innovation and premium service. Added to this was the manner by which the architecture conveyed senses of majesty and power thereby defining the shopping experience for the wealthy consumers. Hence, fashion becomes more than just a matter of clothes and accessories. Rather, it has been of vital importance and influence that structures the culture, identity, and lifestyle of a certain society, Okonkwo. Central then to this luxurious shopping experience is coveted products that are authentic, exudes quality and craftsmanship, and most importantly, demonstrate exclusivity.