Classic and Modern English Literature

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The cruel sexual overtures of Blanche succeed with an actual sexual consummation. In response, the school fires Blanche as a teacher of the English language. Blanche is fired from her job for violating the school policy on teacher –student relationships. As a teacher, professionalism dictates that teachers are banned from having a love relationship with their students. This is normal in any situation. Having a love relationship with a student would create an impression that the teacher could have forced the student to have sexual relationship with the teacher in exchange for passing the teacher’s class. The mere suspicion that the teacher has a sexual relationship with the student violates the morals of society. As a teacher, Blanche is classified as the students’ second parent. As a second parent, Blanche must treat her student as her son. It would be violating societal morals and ethics if a mother has sex relationships with her son. Thus, Blanche is a cruel person for violating societal morals. …
Discovering her husband having homosexual sexual acts breaks her world completely apart. Her husband, Allan Grey, is caught having favoring homosexual activities over heterosexual one with his wife, Blanche. She could not understand why her husband was not satisfied to have sex with only Blanche, his legal wife. Because of Blanche’s anger over her Husband’s homosexual activities, her husband commits suicide. The suicide of her husband finally brings the world completely crashing on Blanche. Consequently, Blanche prefers to stay in a make believe world. Her new make believe world is filled with her created fantasies. Likewise, she constantly sees illusions that seem to blend with the real world of Blanche. Because of her Cruelty, Blanche is often nervous. To drive away her nervousness from being fired from her teaching job, Blanche smokes cigarettes. Blanche tells Stella I was so exhausted by all I’d been through my-nerves broke. (Nervously tamping a cigarette). To drive away her nervousness from being fired by her last work place, the school, Blanche drinks to feel good. A drunken person would sometimes forget one’s sad thoughts because he or she falls into a deep drunken sleep. A person who is asleep does not worry. A person who is awake worries (Williams 9). Blanche is cruel because creates a mask to cover her real self. Blanche puts on a mask of virtues to entwine the next possible male suitor. Blanche puts up a mask of culture in order to snare the next male suitor that comes along her widow spider path. Had Blanche removed her mask of pretenses, Blanche would have shown that she was a drunkard. A drunkard is a person who prefers to waste most of one’s time drinking intoxicating liquor. In addition,