Classic American Literature

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41000 For the writers in the colonial period, it was different in terms of the goals from the fact that the situation was much different. People at this time were suffering from the hands of other officials and thus the importance of creating literary works that involved condemnation to the colonizers. However, a common goal experienced both by the writers of the pre-colonial period and that of the colonial period is the message of unity. While traveling, unity was necessary for the migrants to act as a form of strength and for the natives of colonies in an effort to defeat the colonizers in their quest of acquiring their resources. There was also the great change experienced by the Literature field having people migrate from the neoclassical literature that previously existed to the unfolding Romantic literature at the time. The revelation and explanation of this are got from the various songs composed by French neoclassic artists such as Alexander Pope. Most of this literature talks about the various exploration journeys that the writers took and the changes involved (Jonda 171). However, the settlement of the migrants into the United States and the various interactions in Europe led to cultural interactions and thus producing an allure of romance and thus the imposed romance. This revealed the fact that the society was changing and the love poems and songs that the artists such as Richard Strauss brought out express this. Several writers can be witnessed as transitional figures in terms of literary periods and historic works. This is clear in that everything they wrote reflected the aspects of the world that were present at the time. Pima Indians and Cotton Mother were just some of the most important transitional authors (Ralph 231). This is clearly expressed from the manner in which they wrote songs about the various journey experiences that the people experienced as they shifted places.