Classic Airlines Marketing Solution

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102). The nine step problem solving model is described as an ideal framework that enables leaders of business organizations and companies with guidelines of understanding problems and how they can deal with them through making the right decisions (Petrolini amp. Walden, 2000, p. 1). Classic Airlines is faced with a marketing problem which has resulted in the loss of customer confidence and decreased share prices. This problem is worsened by the fact that fuel costs have increased and labor force has become more expensive to acquire and maintain. The airline’s board of directors has thus decided to employ strategies of cutting costs. This has led to reduced motivation to the employees whose morale and attitude towards work has become significantly low. These challenges have had a major impact on the marketing function of the airline which is faced with a problem of increasing the satisfaction of its customers and maintaining their loyalty at the same time decreasing the airline’s expenditure. This paper gives a critical analysis and discussion of Classic airline’s marketing problem while using the nine step problem solving model in order to provide the most appropriate marketing solution for the airline. In the nine step problem solving model, the initial step involves describing the situation or the problem that needs an immediate solution (Petrolini amp. Walden, 2000, p. 7). …
The situation that the airline is in illustrates the need to put more effort in promoting its services through improving quality, efficiency and reducing the costs associated with traveling. Since this contradicts with the Airline’s need to reduce costs, then it is evident that a serious problem exits and thus an amicable solution is required so that the airline’s reputation and success is maintained. Classic airline’s marketing function is involved in trying to help the airline to come out of the problem that it is facing. The board of directors has engaged the marketing department in conjunction with finance and customer services so that a solution is reached. The shareholders of the airline have also shown interest in providing a solution for the company so that they could safeguard their investment. The best solution for the situation that Classic Airlines is facing is to involve the marketing strategies which will lead to enhancing the satisfaction of the consumers and in return, this will help the airline to improve its sales. The increased income would be used to compensate the staff and hence motivate them which will further improve the satisfaction of the customers and eventually win their loyalty on the airline. The management of the airline should thus set priorities in coming up with the solution for the marketing problem faced by the airline so that appropriate strategies are devised that would lead it into a lasting solution to the problem. Additionally, it is recommended the management of the airline evaluate the current situation in relation to the desired situation in order to determine how the solution would be reached with efficiency and