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br/gtHello, this was a very difficult labLab 5. (5). A steel sample (0.5000 g) treated the same way as done in Lab 5 was diluted into 500 mL
volumetric flask. What is the amount (g/mL) of steel in the solution? Lab 6. (10) The amount of Mn in steel sample from Lab 5 was analyzed using AAS. A calibration curve was
prepared wherein different volume of stock solution (5 mM) was used and then diluted with 0.05 M nitric acid
to 50 mL. Sun 1 the information missing in the _iven table and show sam- le calculation for one entry. Vol of 5 mM used Concentation of Mn
1.00 0.100 —— 0.150 —— 0.200
—— 0.250
—— 0.300 (5) Determine the equation of the line: (10) The sample from Lab 5 gave a reading of 0.220. What is the concentration of Mn in the given sample? Lab 7. (10). For the analysis of sample from Lab 5, 3 beakers containing 25 mL of the sample from Lab 5 was
each added with 5 mL phosphoric acid and then treated differently (some added with K104 while one was
added with 5 mL of 2 mM Mn standard) before being transferred into a 50—mL volumetric flask and then added
with water to the 50 mL mark. The absorbance reading afier zeroing with the blank is 0.700 for the sample with
added standard and 0.300 for just the sample. Determine the concentration of the Mn in the original sample. Science