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Admissions Essay. As the first member of my family to attend college, I am deeply conscious of the vast difference that education can make in one’s life. My parents have made several sacrifices to ensure that my sisters and I have received the best possible education. After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics at Osmania University, Hyderabad, the necessity of sharing my father’s heavy financial burden compelled me to postpone my dreams of a further academic career. My long-standing passion for computers, coupled with my programming skills in C and Java (I am a Sun certified Java programmer), have contributed towards my successful career at the GE Innovation Center, India. I have received the ‘Best Performer’ award several times during my stint at GE. But, although I have taken pride in my professional achievements over the past decade, I have held fast to my dreams of pursuing a higher education. This dream is now within my reach! I have always made it a point to keep abreast of the latest developments in computer technology. Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that it is Information Technology which serves as the bridge between computer technology and its application in daily life. I believe that it is IT which facilitates the optimum use of computers, both commercially and socially, and brings technology within the reach of the common man – particularly in developing countries like India. I also think that my personal strengths will be a considerable asset to me in the IT field. I consider myself to be a freethinking innovator. Being an avid cricketer (I was the captain of GE’s cricket team) has given me strong leadership and team-management skills, and made me an excellent, goal-oriented team player and organizer. I am confident that my computer expertise, coupled with my leadership and management skills, will be a strong asset to me in a career in Information Technology. It is my strong conviction that the first step to success in any chosen field is the acquisition of the relevant knowledge and skills, coupled with practical exposure. I totally concur with Benjamin Franklin’s opinion that Genius without education is like silver in the mine! It is education which forms the strongest foundation in life. In this context, I am confident that a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Clarks University will be the best launching pad for my long-term goal of being an IT innovator and entrepreneur. I also intend to commence work on earning a Ph. D. at the earliest. Clarks University’s resources, the balance between the acquisition of technological and management skills in its IT curriculum, and its innovative approach to learning, make its MSIT program, with its broad scope, particularly attractive to me. As a working professional, I can also appreciate Clarks University’s harnessing of technology in making the classroom virtual, increasing flexibility and convenience. I am convinced that the MSIT from Clarks University will best equip me to succeed in my chosen field of endeavor. I am also sure that my technological expertise and management skills will enable me to contribute to the enrichment of my academic environment. My experience as a professional in computer programming in India can be shared with my classmates, just as I hope to widen my horizons by being a part of an ethnically diverse, intellectually stimulating campus. I believe that the IT revolution is one of the most significant forces in the history of mankind. Its transformational power will be nothing short of amazing in the years to come. I see myself in the vanguard of that movement for change, facilitating the use of computer technology to do my own part in making this world a better place.