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ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL, IN APA FORMAT, CITED AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN-IN. THERE MUST BE 3-4 CITATIONS. ASSIGNMENT MUST BE 5 PAGES IN LENGTH, NOT INCLUDING THE TITLE PAGE. ALL 1-5 MUST BE COMPLETED. DUE DATE 05/11/20 @ 5PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME.Assignment:1. List some of the types of sources of recorded information in which your own information would be found. Do a simple search of some of those sites to see what you can find. Then list how your information could be obtained and used in an investigation.2. Compare and contrast interrogation and interviewing as they pertain to the questioning process, and give the five minimum questions that should be asked in every interview. Explain in detail a (fictional) situation in which an interrogation is called for, and one in which an interview is called for.3. Explain a common mistake investigators make when conducting an interview? In your opinion, how can this be overcome?4. What are some of the potential problems and precautions an investigator must consider when working with informants? In your opinion, which is the most critical?5. You are the investigator on a case of an unidentified body whose hands and feet have been removed. However, the body has several distinct tattoos and is wearing a heart-shaped necklace inscribed with ‘my wife. 12/9/92.’ Describe how you would approach finding records on it. Outline the steps of this type of process.11/05/202018law