City Holding Company as a Strong Community Bank

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51250 One of the key opportunities that are evident for the firm is that when it comes to answering to local demand, the retail division of the firm was the first in their markets to establish and launch an innovative checking selection for individuals who happened to have their past challenges when it comes to running their accounts. Bounce Back Checking is for individuals who have been rejected and taken the opportunity to open a checking account. This particular option is intended for those individuals who are seeking to a fresh start. The company assists these individuals by providing them the necessary guidelines when it comes to learning responsible banking practices together with the aim of moving them to a traditional checking account. Apart from this, the company was also able to generate its own opportunity when it instigated the Community Hero Checking. This particular program honors current and retired military personnel, firefighters, police officers, medical professionals, and teachers by offering them special account benefits. Different from the majority of interest-bearing accounts, Community Hero has no minimum balance requirements as well as a monthly service fee. During the event of signing up for Community Hero Checking, the bank renders a financial contribution to an associated nonprofit organization on behalf of the account holder’s honor. Aside from this, the company also has other popular products like that of adjustable rate mortgages, competitive fixed-rate mortgages, and business checking. The company’s home equity program features no closing costs and low rates. Since the company also possesses important resources such as strong earnings, significant capital, and considerable talent, it could be noted to be in a positive position when it comes to expanding further it’s existing geographic, product and customer boundaries.