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Workin’ It with WordDue Week 6 and worth 157 pointsOverviewAssignment 1 enables hands-on practice with searching the Internet and using MS Word. Additionally, time management is one of the greatest challenges any college student will face, so Assignment 1 helps you to research and reflect on your time management skills.Grading (Click Here to View Rubric)There are four (4) main items addressed in Assignment 1:1. Did you find three sources, include the URL for each source, and explain how you will apply the research in your life? Weight: 30%2. Did you review the source detailing at least two (2) CRAAP test criteria? Weight: 30%3. Did you correctly format the document based upon the instructions? Weight: 30%4. Did you write using correct mechanics, grammar, and spelling? Weight: 10%Click the above link to view the rubric detail so that you know exactly what is expected.Preparation:o Install and/or activate your MS Office 365 so you can use MS Word (click here to view the tutorial).Background Research1. The topic of Assignment 1 is time management, so take a note on three (3) to five (5) keywords or terms relating to time management on which to conduct your search.2. Use the Strayer Library for scholarly/peer-reviewed sources on time management, noting the URL of the source.3. Use the Internet to locate credible sources on time management, noting the URL of the source.4. Ensure all sources comply with at least two (2) of the CRAAP (CURRENCY, RELEVANCE, AUTHORITY, ACCURACY, and PURPOSE) test criteria (refer to the Week 3 Learn section). Be sure to take a note of which criteria you are using and how your source complies.5. Take a note on one way you can use the information from each source in your life.6. DO NOT USE any type wiki as a source for this assignment!Do (Clickherefor a sample of what Assignment 1 looks like completed)1. Open MS Word on your computer: Open a new Blank Document: Save the Blank Document with the following nomenclature:dynamic” target=”_blank” target=”_blank”_Assignment1_FirstName_Last Name_Date: In the Word document, create a 4 x 4 table w/a headings row containing: Title, Location, What I Learned, and My Reviews: Fill in the table w/the online research (using your above notes from the Research section):o Title column = Title of the source (i.e., video title, article title).o Location column = URL of specific source (refer to the Week 2 Learn section for more information on URLs).o What I Learned column = Describe one way you will apply the information in your life.o My Reviews column = A CRAAP test analysis emphasizing at least two (2) criteria (refer to the Week 3 Learn section for details on the CRAAP test requirements): Apply bullets to the items under My Reviews: Compose an overview answering the following questions:o How does time management effect your life on a daily basis?o How will the research from this assignment help you improve your time management? Add a title at the top of the document with a font size of 16 points, bold, and center align, at a minimum: Add an image representing time management underneath the title: a header w/your name and course title: a footer w/the current date: and grammar check your document before submitting: the Word document in a.docx file typefor grading.Do not submit any other file type, such as PDF.Clickhereto download the above instructions in PDF.Note:This assignment will be run automatically through SafeAssign plagiarism detection software and an originality report will be sent to your instructor. Please make sure that you are writing in your own words and not copying any information from outside sources. Please review Strayer University’sAcademic Integrity Policybefore beginning this assignment.