Cis 331 discussion wwek 2

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Please respond to (2) other discussion posts. The original post will be highlighted in bold red colors. The yellow will be what I put as myanswer for the same discussion post. You may agree or disagree with their posting. Or you can add something to their answer, but please remember to be respectful. Please remember that you are no editing their post answer, you are just writing what you think about what reading their post for the week. It will be just like a sit in class discussion with you the teacher and the other students. You can put all answers ONE pages of work. No sources are needed. I have provided an example of how to respond to student post at the bottom of the page in discussion question two.This week I would like you to choose a problem (make it simple) and discuss how you would go through the problem solving process to solve this problem. Be sure to discuss whether you would use convergent or divergent thinking.Student 1 James MurrayIn the IT world we come up against the outsourcing problem on a regular basis. For me it happened when we had some network security hardware that was coming to the end of its life and we had to decide whether to replace the existing hardware or to outsource the function that the security hardware was performing. For us, this was more of a convergent discussion than a divergent discussion. We could have brainstormed different ways to accomplish the security function that the hardware was providing but we didnt have the resources to implement any of the ideas that would have been discussed. With that out of the way, we decided to work towards finding a solution.After discussing the problem,we thought it would really come down to a financial decision of whether or not outsourcing the function was more cost effective than purchasing new hardware. The first step in the process was to gather the facts. We got quotes for the new hardware and defined what the resource costs were to implement and maintain that hardware. Then we obtained a list of vendors that provided outsourcing solutions. We documented everything that we use the current solution for and identified a list of requirements that would be used to evaluate each vendor. For those vendors that met the list of requirements, we obtained quotes for what it would cost to outsource the security function.Once we had the tangible costs identifiedsomeone suggested that we then make a list of the intangible costs related to both keeping the security function in house vs. outsourcing. That is one area that I think sometimes gets overlooked in these types of problem solving initiatives. Because so much focus is put on hard and fast numbers, the intangible costs sometimes get overlooked and in many cases those costs can be some of the most important. In the end, we decided to keep the security process in house. Not because the costs were that much different, because they werent. It was the intangibles such as control of the solution, near real-time alerting, and trust of the outsourcing vendors that helped us make the final decision.MY RESPONSEThe post of the student is well organized description of problem and the solution. I do agree with the statements of the student regarding outsourcing of network. I would like to add that the student has not discussed the size and revenue generation of the organization which is a vital factor while deciding outsourcing or in-house maintenance as many of the small and medium organizations do not afford cost of in-house solution. Overall, it is good post and an example of convergent thinking.Student 2 (Wendell Thompson)The problem I have chosen is establishing a chain of command on a project at work. To solve this problem first I would gather information. The relevant information for this task would be to identify employees’ roles and job titles. I would use convergent thinking to solve this problem, as there are many proven solutions, I would need to simply pick the best solution. Lastly I would create a model of the chain of command using an Organization Chart or Org Chart. Using the titles of the employee’s I would model out the chain of command.MY RESPONSEThe post of the student is too general not specifying a particular case on the issue of chain of command. In the post of the student there is no description of the project without any particular solution on the chain of command issue. The student has not discussed pros and cons of the solution of the issue. However, the approach for solving the problem is convincing. Overall, it can be said that it is an example of convergent thinking but needs a lot of improvement in the post.Examples of some other students answer to the posting question.1 James, This sounds sounds like a fairly common problem facing those in the iT world. Whether to outsource or stay in-house. I too have faced these issues, although in different form. Good post!2 Sounds like you had quite a pickle with your jeep and the exhaust manifold. Knowing me, I would have used convergent thinking and just taken it to the shop for repair. I know nothing about cars! but perhaps I should learn. Good post!