Chinook Platforms Issue

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a, especially when the decision to go ahead with new composite frames needs to be considered, in the current economic scenario, wherein gaining largesse of funds to invest in high capital ventures needs to be contextualized and appropriately dealt with. Thus, the present fiscal climate having been fuelled by fiscal indiscipline and loose controls, it is necessary that a budget committee consensus is gained before final approval for large scale investment in capital projects of this kind is undertaken. Moreover, it would also be more fiscally prudent and judicious to assess the economic and financial impacts of projects before they are actually implemented and enforced upon the community.The below-mentioned report is based on a Comparative statement annexed in Appendix 1 at the end of this report. From the survey conducted on several respondents, the majority of them opted for the purchase of new composite airframes. Currently, most of the crews are using Chinook remanufactured airframes and their average flying hours are between the flying time.In this survey, most of the respondents strongly agreed that the composite airframes will be the mainstay of Chinook platforms. Presently, these genres of helicopter variants are the fastest and most sought after. Their main role is during the deployment of troop movement, artillery, and other war-related supplies. The US Army’s first major step is in the introduction of a more powerful version of war helicopters, which is CH-47.However, the survey seems to reestablish the fact that composite airframes are more superior on all counts, safety, efficiency, proficiency, and operational savings. The actual deliberations of the survey and its outcome are being discussed in the next pages.There were so many improved versions of the Chinook helicopters. the most recent one being the CH-47F (ICH) and the MH-47G. Special Operations Aviation (SOA) version is a new arrival in the US Army. The CH-47F (ICH) and the MH-47G Special.