Chinese Students Enrolled in Hospitality and TourismRelated Programmes in the UK

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This research will begin with the statement that there is a huge contribution of international students in the income and prestige of individual universities of U.K. and other Western countries. Despite the developments, there is little research done on the progress and achievements of international students. It has been observed that students mostly migrate from countries like China, India, and U.A.E etc. to Western countries like U.K. and U.S.A. in search of higher studies and better career objectives. Studying abroad is very challenging and exciting during college years. Students get the opportunity to learn different languages and experience the different type of cultures. Students can enhance their knowledge and clarify their career directions by studying abroad. The developing countries like China and India follow the traditional method of education, which does not emphasize on the student’s career perspective appropriately. The educational system in U.K. is distinct because the universities not only emphasize on theoretical subjects, they also focus on practical implications of the theories, which helps students to enhance their future endeavors. In 2010, AGCAS received funding for several pilot projects that allowed better links with U.K. along with alumni’s and employers in order to build successful employment relationships with international students. Universities of the Western countries majorly focus on the career and entrepreneurial ambitions of students. It is essential for colleges to have a proper understanding of the existing job market and prepare students accordingly. With the help of abroad studies, students can gain international experiences and develop their career aspirations. This research interviews Chinese students, who are currently enrolled in hospitality and tourism-related programmes in the U.K. The essay discusses the future career planning of Chinese students at a higher education facility in the U.K. and the responsibility of the institution towards the management of employability. Studying in a different country is an extremely rewarding and exciting experience. According to famous theorists Archer and Davidson, the value of international experience is not just limited to learning of foreign language. the value of the experience is mainly determined from the ability of a person to distinguish the personal issues and business between his own country and the foreign country.