Chinese Contemporary Art Museum

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Noting that the museum has a huge number of Chinese imperial art, this fund is indented to fund the national level museum art that is dedicated to collecting, displaying, and the research of the contemporary and modern China artistic works. Certainly, the fund shall be the key building element of the four stories of the Museum including the areas of a display (Falk 12). Generally, the fund will take care of twenty-one exhibition halls in the museum. These collections are divided into various categories. This includes the Chinese traditional painting, print, oil painting, sculpture, caricature, new year painting, lacquer, traditional story picture, costumes, and pottery.It is worth noting that this category is expected to perform better, as well as improve the performance of the museum. Extensively, the funding provides an opportunity for the museum to increase the level of art and design in China. Unlike others, this category of funding is focused on boosting not only research and outreach in China but also the sector of education. This implies that through this funding, the collections in the museum shall be of great importance to researchers serving as an academic source for varied purposes. These collections have been known for displaying certain species at a certain time and place (Harris 14). Through it researchers shall have an opportunity to examine the temporal and geographical changes in populations, communities and species, thus tracking the patterns relative to human-induced or natural changes (Harris 16).This category of funding is the best since it will enable the specimens of the museum to establish the research basis for the evolution of the research, distribution, and speciation. This will give vital baselines for studying emerging diseases, conversations and artworks. Different specimens are linked to data thus giving out information regarding life history, and natural traits of animals.